About us

ArTresor is a small, independent publishing and design house established in 1996. For us, creating extraordinary books and the highest-quality design is not just a job. It is our vocation, our joy, our passion.

Explore our pages and find out about us. Our experience and expertise enable us to offer the highest-quality service and a full commitment to you—our readers and our clients.


Our publishing team strives to produce engaging, beautiful, and valuable books.

We look for works that challenge and inspire. We search for the unexplored, the unknown, the forgotten treasures. There isn't a single ordinary book among our publications. Explore our various series and experience the joy of reading, the excitement of discovery, and a sense of beauty.

  • For our translations of world literature, we choose the finest works regardless of the original language, writing system, era, or continent of their creation.
  • In the vast treasure of Croatia's cultural heritage, we reach back to find works unknown, unpublished, forgotten, or once forbidden. We dust them off, clear away the cobwebs of history and ideology, and make them available to everyone.
  • In the realm of the humanities and social sciences, we explore various fields and open up space for diverse points of view.
  • In the visual arts, we search for remarkable artists who seem to have escaped wider notice and the recognition they deserve.
  • Among contemporary Croatian writers, we select those whose work is unusual, offbeat, or idiosyncratic.

Graphic design and services

Whether you are looking for print design or web-based design and development, our creative team is committed to the highest quality of work and exceptional service to all our clients.

Whatever your project, whatever your vision, tell us what you need and find out what we can do for you.

  • Graphic design and artwork
  • Pre-press services
  • E-books
  • Custom publications
  • Unique, personalized editions
  • Web design
  • Website development
  • Content management systems
  • Software development
  • Digital archiving

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